Calligraphy on Fabric with a Lightbox!

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 Calligraphy on Fabric with a Lightbox!
This is such a fun project!
You will want to check out my How to Dye Fabric with Watercolors post from yesterday first!
 Now that we have beautiful watercolor fabric, let's decorate it with some
gorgeous hand lettering!
I received this amazing light table from US Art Supply in exchange for this fun tutorial!

This lightbox is thin and huge!  It fills nearly half of my huge work table!
It is so easy to use.  Place any project on the table with paper or fabric over top
and trace the lines!
I love it and it will be used for many more projects!
I got a giant piece of paper...but taping paper together would work too.
Then I used a pencil to sketch out the design I wanted to write on my fabric.
I decided on Beautiful Dreamer.
I sketched it out on the paper.
Placed it on my light box...which looks like a giant tablet.
That is what my kids thought it was...bummer, just light.
I put my fabric right over it and could see through it just enough to
know where to write!
I used these fabulous Fabric sketch markers from US Art Supply as well.

Then just traced the lines with the black marker!
I did make a little mistake, but just go with it.
Then add the thick lines to all the downstrokes.
Take it out in the sunlight and enjoy the beauty!
I love how easy it was to write on the fabric with these markers.
I didn't wash it yet...but I ironed it to set the ink.
Come back tomorrow to see what I make with the fabric
 that was watercolored and Calligraphied!

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I'm so jealous of the light table! So far, at my house, I make due by taping things on the glass door and using natural light :)