Portal and Portal 2 Geek Chic T-Shirts!

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 Portal and Portal 2 Geek Chic T-Shirts!
We had the best Portal Birthday party ever!
So this is Portal week.
A week filled with fun geek crafts and party ideas!
First.  T-shirts.
I made a bunch to give some of the guests.
We do what we must, because we can.
I used reflective heat transfer vinyl for the giant aperture logo.
When using heat transfer vinyl (HTV), always cut it in reverse (mirrored)
 Then weeded out the excess vinyl.
 Place plastic side up on the shirt and iron it!
 Then peel off the plastic.
Peel gently, re-iron if necessary.
 Looks awesome!
 Next we did the portal jumper.
Half in, half out.

One on the front of the shirt.
Iron with a tea towel for a minute or 2 and then iron on the plastic.
 Peel off the plastic and let cool!
 Here's the front!
 And the back!
 Next, the companion cube!
In gold glitter vinyl!
 Looks so cute!
 I love the glitter htv.

I used flocked heat transfer vinyl for
the cake shirt!
 And smooth Heat Transfer Vinyl for the aperture labs shirt...
 Love it!
 Here's the collection of fun silhouettes,
Personal use only!
They are property of Aperture Science!

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Rachel said…
ok i dont know what HTV is so im thinking i wont be able to do this project with that but i do have "fabric transfer" (one that works...one that stinks). im going to see if i can find the time to make one that will look good on white tshirts b/c i dont have any black in the house and i am way too lazy to go out today. :) these came out perfect!!!