Gold Leaf Agate Slice Place Setting Card!

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 Gold Leaf Agate Slice Place Setting Card!
Nothing fancier than a great name card at your plate.
These agate slices are delectable!
 I got these agate slices online.

(These ones are similar in size and have a small hole drilled in them for wearables or hanging.)
 Mine are 3" range.  They are pricier but make a great size for a name plate.
I used Gold liquid leaf and a paintbrush.
And just carefully paint around all the edges of the agate.
Place them on a paper and let them dry.
The gold leaf dries quickly.
 If there is a mistake, use some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean it up.
Next, I used Dr. Ph. Martins Bleed Proof White ink and an Oblique holder Calligraphy pen.
And just wrote out the names of each person attending.
The beautiful sliced geodes are so sparkly and wonderful!
The smooth part is easy to write on.
If there is exposed crystals, just avoid that area.

If you are interested in Calligraphy, The Postmans Knock, has great tutorials.
Or you can just letter them on with a paintbrush.
Let them dry completely.
The white ink is not waterproof, so if you mess up, just wash off with water.
The gold leaf will stay on.
They are so pretty!
I love them and love writing on agate!
Gorgeous, right!?
I love them!
The perfect touch to a fancy table setting!

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