Chocolate Dipped Dessert Bowls!

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 Chocolate Dipped Dessert Bowls!
These are so easy to make and a big hit at any event!
You will need:
Dipping chocolate

 Fill the waterballoons with air.
Yes, this will feel like it's going to burst your cheeks!
Try to make them all about the same size.
Put a drop of chocolate on a baking mat.
 Dip the base of the balloon in the dipping chocolate,
being careful that it's not too hot to pop the balloon.
 Dip and roll the balloon in about half way and then place it on the drop.
 Just like so.
Let it chill.
 Place in the fridge for about 20 minutes or until very firm.
 Remove and pop the balloons.
Carefully pull the balloon out completely.
 Leaving just a hollow chocolate shell.
(note: do not do this technique if people are allergic to latex)
 Fill with ice cream, mousse, cream and fruit or whatever else you can think of!
They are adorable, unique and delightful!
Perfect for a lovely tea party or wedding!
Stay tuned for a full tea party post this Friday!

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