Stars and Stripes Shirt with Faux Raglan Sleeves!

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 Stars and Stripes Shirt with Faux Raglan Sleeves!
Isn't this the cutest patriotic shirt!?
I love it.  I love the flag and the sleeves.
Raglan sleeves are totally on point...these aren't raglan...but
 give it a raglan look because the sleeves pop!
 You will need:
1 tee shirt
1 fabric flag
Red and white striped fabric
Blue fabric
 Take the fabric flag off the stick.
Place on tee shirt.
Use pins to secure it in place.
Use a straight stitch to sew it onto the shirt.
I go around it one time straight and a second time as a crazy stitch to give it a fun look.
At this point, it's adorable and makes a great festive shirt for the month of July!
We took it one step further.
I found this H&M shirt at the thrift store...stripes on top and solid blue on the bottom.
I turned this gray shirt inside out.
Start by cutting the underarm seam.
Then cut around the entire sleeve.
You could use an unpicker, but cutting is faster.
Just go cautiously, so you don't over cut.
Once both sleeves are removed, you also have a pattern!
Place one old sleeve on the other fabric.
Cut one blue sleeve and one striped sleeve.
Sew them down the under arm part...right sides together.
Then turn them right side out.
Fit the curved part of the sleeve inside the gray shirt.
This should have the "right" sides of the shirts touching.
You can pin in place if that's what you do.
I rarely use pins.  I know.
Then sew around the sleeve.
Now the "wrong" sides are showing.
Flip it right side out and it's ready to wear!
I love the festive stripes and the solid blue with the flag!
Great for the 4th of July and parades and fireworks!
Stars and Stripes Shirt with Faux Raglan Sleeves!

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Cheryl said…
This is adorable! Your daughter gets prettier all the time. I just did something very similar for my daughter for a cosplay. I'll try to post a pic on your facebook page.