Gold Foil Watercolor Cards

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Gold Foil Watercolor Cards

If you think that adult coloring books are fun and relaxing,
You need to try watercoloring.
If you are like me and don't have the patience for coloring, these are the ticket!
I received these fun Watercolor cards at a live panel session at Die Cuts With a View (DCWV)
 You can find these Paint and Create cards at Joann Fabric and Craft Store!
It takes very little time, about a minute and a half.
Check out the video tutorial!
  The kit comes with everything you need to create these fun cards.
But I recommend a 1" wide flat paintbrush. (I didn't use the pictured waterbrush)
 The cards are 5 by 7 and include envelopes, paint and a teeny paintbrush.
I used a 1" wide...and a teacup full of water.
 Now, most people don't use enough water when they start a project like this.
Use the brush and cover a section with a shiny puddle of water.
 Then dab in colors...adding more water to the colors as you paint.
It needs to be bright and vibrant because the colors will "dull" about 20% when it dries.
 I love splattering all around too! 
If there is enough water in the brush, splattering is super simple!
 Then repeat!
I finished off the pack of 6 cards in about 10 minutes.
 Let them dry completely!
The gold foil makes the paint pool and puddle differently than working on plain paper...
look at the "thanks" below.
It's cool how the foil is a border for the colors and they don't blend.
 They are so fun and pretty!
You can always go in later and add some splatters or spritzes of gold or glitter too!
It's so much fun.  Totally relaxing, stress relieving and magical!
Then try it on regular water color paper.
When it dries, add your own writing or Calligraphy!

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