Star Wars Party with Photopie Backdrop!

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 Star Wars Party with Photopie Backdrop!
We had the best Star Wars party for the release of The Force Awakens on DVD!
Okay, it was my daughter's birthday party too.
We had so much fun!
The best part was this fantastic Death Star Hallway backdrop from Photopie!
Photopie sent this to me for an honest review.

Choosing a backdrop is the hardest, they have so many amazing choices.
Of course, when I saw this Death Star Corridor, my mind was made up.
I ordered the 5' by 9' tall on single sided prismacloth.
It's a $95 value.
It is worth every penny.

This is the most wonderful backdrop I have ever used!
No glare, easy to care for and store!
It arrived folded and consequently, wrinkled/creased.
 Since I only iron when I am doing something with freezer paper or heat transfer vinyl,
I tossed this in the dryer for about 15 minutes on low heat to fluff.
It came out perfect and wrinkle free!
 Now, I do need to invest in a photo backdrop hanging set up.
I used 4 command hooks and bakers twine.
A curtain rod would work too, because it has a hemmed edge to run things through.
I just ran the twine through it and pulled it as tight as I dared test those command hooks.

There is a little sagging in the center, which causes some wrinkles down below...
but I know it would be perfect with a photo backdrop hanging stand.
Like these from photopie
In any case, it was a total hit!
Just look at that detail!!!  Can you believe that is fabric???
 We had Sith Lord at the party, Rey made an appearance...
 And 2 adorable blonde Princess Leia's!
 The backdrop is made to sit on the floor.  This way you can line it up straight
 and the pattern will continue.  That way you look like you are really there!
 We had a blast with this backdrop!
Come back every day this week for more amazing Star Wars party ideas!
Or else!
And check out Photopie for your favorite backdrop!

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The pictures look awesome!