I'm So Fancy Vinyl on a Faux Leather Tote Bag!

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I'm So Fancy Vinyl on a Faux Leather Tote Bag!
 Glitter vinyl on faux leather!
I have a bunch of these black faux leather tote bags.
They are really useful and can hold a binder, tablet, laptop, etc.
But they are a tad bland.
So...I wondered about a DIY craft project to freshen it up!

I received this amazing glitter vinyl from Angel Crafts in exchange for this fun tutorial!

It has 20 sheets of sparkly glitter vinyl...and the best part,
is the glitter doesn't shed everywhere!
Win for the hubs!
It comes in a bunch of beautiful colors!

You will need:
Leather or faux leather tote bag
Glitter vinyl
transfer tape
Silhouette cameo or equivalent!

You know how sometimes it's so hard to pick the font you want?
Try this.  Go to Wordmark.it
Upload your fonts, then you can type in the words you want and see all your fonts at once!

So I picked the font I loved.
Next, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the text I wanted.
Plus a gem, because priorities.
 Then have your silhouette cut it out!
I loaded straight media, no cutting mat.
My blade is set to 2...standard settings for cutting vinyl.
Use a hook tool to weed out the excess vinyl.
Use care, glitter vinyl is more brittle than regular vinyl, 
so if it's too intricate, the design may tear.
Cut out and add transfer tape.
 Peel off the backing and add to the bag!
 Press down firmly.
Then peel back the transfer tape and peel off slowly.
I peel it back and slide it right on top of itself.
 Looks perfect!
Full of glitter and glam!
Fill with necessities and it's ready to rock!
 The glitter looks amazing in the sunlight!
Lots of sparkle and shine!

I am so fancy!

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