You Won't Believe How I Fixed this Toy!

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 Toy Gun Repair!
Are any (or all) of your Christmas toys broken already?
(Let's be real...lots of them broke the week of Christmas...right?)
You might need this trick!
I got this cool pull back toy gun at a yard sale...
 only problem was this gross pull back looked chewed on.
 After a good washing...
I heated up a cup of water and added in some Polly Plastics pellets

These things are amazing--they melt and you mold them!
I just molded them right over the end in a sort of bulb shape!
Then hold and let dry.  If you set it down, the plastic might sag,
 so keep an eye on it until it only takes minutes.
It will be completely white when dry.
Now it is fully functioning and amazing!
Just a bit of black spray paint and it's better than new!
Great way to "trick" up weaponry or accessories for Halloween!

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You will love how useful this stuff is!

Clara Head Chain from Doctor Who!

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