Easy Finger Puppet Gloves!

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 Easy Finger Puppet Gloves!
We made family finger puppets!
 Firstly, we love to make handmade gifts for Christmas.
This past year we drew names and made one thing for the person we got.
My little 7 year old was unsatisfied that all he had to do was make me something...
and he wanted to make his older brother and sister something too.
He had a great idea.

Glove puppets of the family!
I told him to sit down and draw a picture of what he wanted everyone to look like.
 It was pretty cute!
 We took a pair of knit gloves.
The pair worked great because the brother is left handed and the sister is right handed!
 We used felt and cut circles for faces...I only had ivory felt for our skin tone...
but it's pretty true to color during the winter!
 Then we added colorful hair and wiggly eyes.
I hot glued everything in place...
 Then my son picked where he wanted each person to be...
and we hot glued them on each finger.
 Then I added a little smile with paint and a fine brush.
Let dry and wrapped them up!
 Oh, yah...we had to play with them to test them out!
We told stories and giggled!
 It was so cute to see how excited and anxious he was to give his handmade gifts to his siblings.
They were thrilled!  And we've had fun with them since!

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