GEEK WEEK! Star Wars BB8 Shirt!

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Don't you just love Star Wars!?
I am so impressed with The Force Awakens!!!
I absolutely love this little BB8 Astromech droid.
And by default, I make my kids love him too.
This guy loves Star Wars!  Not modeling for me so much...but he takes he is good.
My adorable daughter is very talented.
She loves drawing and art.  She has recently begun computer graphic and design.
She loves paint and Photoshop.
She can do things that I can't do.  Therefore, I use her regularly.
She is my full time model and my only daughter.  She is so patient.  And masquerades as the Queen of Naboo at times.
So, I employed her (for candy) to design me an adorable BB8 image with a darling cartoon feel.
She succeeded and came up with this darling design.  
You can use it too and help her save for collage to take real graphic design classes!

Purchase direct from Doodlecraft
 through Paypal at the bottom of this post!
She also did a gif for me that I placed on my sidebar with a link to my geek crafts. 
I imported the design into Silhouette Studio, selected my trace tool and traced the outline.  (I did all the work for you, just purchase the file and unzip the will receive the silhouette studio files)
Then REVERSE it and send it to cut.
I had the Silhouette cut it out of heat transfer flocked vinyl. 
 Then I weeded out the excess vinyl to make the perfect black outline.
 Place plastic side up on a shirt.
 Cover with a tea towel and iron a few minutes on med/high.
 Sometimes you need a little direct iron on the plastic, but it can melt fast, so use caution!
 Peel off the plastic and you have BB8 perfection!!!
Imagine making these for all the kids that come for a birthday party!  You would be the star and they would love it!
Use the pen and ink option and draw him out on the invitations!
Enlarge it and cut it out of vinyl and apply to the wall!
So many adorable options!  
Personal use only please.
 Usually I give you all my printables, freebies and silhouette images for free! 
 (I'm so nice)
Most of the time, I can't take all the credit for them anyway...
This time, since my daughter designed the image, she would love you to help her save money for collage and real graphic design classes!!! 

Buy the graphic files now!

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