STAR WARS Storm Trooper Beanie!!!

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STAR WARS Storm Trooper Beanie!!!
My 7 year old son loves troopers and bounty hunters!
 (my older son was really into the Jedi's!)
So what to do for my little bounty hunter...
He asked for a beanie!
 We found a light gray beanie at the dollar store...
 I imported this image into Silhouette Studio.
(right click to save off, personal use only please)
 Select trace tool...increase the slider so the black parts are all yellow...then select
the trace outlines!
 Place the flocked vinyl on the cutting mat, plastic down.
Cut it out.
No need to reverse the image since it is symmetrical!
 Place hat on the ironing board.
This isn't the greatest project since the hat stretches and the flocked vinyl doesn't...
ours has some cracks.  But the 7 year old loves it.
 Place the vinyl down with the plastic side up.
 Place a tea towel over the top and iron on med/high
 Remove the towel and remove the plastic carefully!
Some cracks...but still fun!
 He loves it!
 He'll love this beanie all winter long!

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