Holiday Tissue Paper Garland!

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Holiday Tissue Paper Garland!
Great addition to parties or holiday decor!
Photo backdrops, at the foot of the bed, room decor, name it!
These are fun old school looking pom-poms hung on a string!
Take one piece of tissue paper...
Fold it in half...
Fold it in half again...
Fold it over in half the other way...
Cut on the open end, not the end you just folded.
Cut strips of fringe, leaving the top 2 inches connected.
Open up one fold...
Roll it right down the center tight.
Twist and wrap over the ends so the fringe is all on one side and the center forms a loop!
Tie it off with a piece of twine...
I love mixing tissue paper with shiny reflective metallic wraps too!
String them on some bakers twine and they are ready to impress!

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