Kanzashi Snowflake Hairbow and Shabby Christmas Headbands!

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 Kanzashi Snowflake Hairbow and Shabby Christmas Headbands!
My friend made me the most gorgeous hair bows for Christmas last year!
She knows I am crafty and so she was dedicated to making me something wonderful and handmade...she totally won Christmas gift giving with these beautiful hair pieces!
I decided I must learn how to make them!
 You will need:
 6 squares of 2.5" Blue Satin Ribbon
6 squares of 2" White Satin Ribbon
 6 squares of 1.5" Blue Satin Ribbon
18 squares of 1.5" White Satin Ribbon
Hot glue/gun
Needle and thread
Center piece
2 Felt circle backing pieces
1 hair clip of choice

(the width of the ribbon is up to you...the larger the width, 
the larger the project...just cut the pieces square)
 Begin with a square piece of ribbon.
Lightly burn the cut edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.
Hot glue and fold in half to make a triangle.
Hot glue and fold in half again!
Hot glue and fold in half one more time!
Then snip the back of the triangle so it sits flat...
Burn the cut part with a lighter.
 Now all you have to do is mass produce those little petals...
Then hot glue them together (or hand sew)
Then hot glue the snowflake onto a felt circle.
If using a french clip, remove the center part and hot glue it on the felt circle.
Hot glue on the second felt circle and replace the center part of the clip!
Easier said than done...but I love it!
 It's gorgeous!
 My friend outdid herself and gave me a box of cute hair treats!
Like this cute headband is like the Alice in Wonderland headband I did here.
 With the added marabou feather trim!
 Here's a Kanzashi Butterfly she did!
Kanzsashi is so cool, you can make anything you can think of!
Perfect for bows, headbands, or even ornaments and decorations!
 And a cool flower!
Totally spoiled by all this cute hair stuff!
 And this pretty silver headband!
So pretty, right?
So hard to pick a favorite!

 And a darling Rudolph bow!
Stack layers, add feathers and a jewel!
 Check out this tutorial for shabby chic bows!
Alright, amazing!
Here's my friend's Etsy shop: Creative Concepts by C
 if you are interested in seeing more of her fun stuff!
She makes tutu dresses for little ladies...she did one for my daughter last year too!

I love them...I need a bunch of ribbon to make a bunch of them!!!
So which one is your favorite?

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Snelette said…
Your daughter is a beautiful model...well done, darling! You made the accessories shine! :)
Katrina said…
These are gorgeous!!! Great Job!!
Katrina said…
Great job!!! These are gorgeous !!!