DIY and DYE Tissue Paper Pom Poms!

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 DIY and DYE Tissue Paper Pom Poms!
Red and Green Perfection--okay, pink and mint...but it works!
First, you will need to know how to make a tissue paper pom pom.
You need 8 sheets of tissue paper per ball.
Twine and scissors too!
 Take 8 sheets and lay them out flat.
 Accordion fold them about 2 inches in width.
 Fold entire thing in half.
 Tie center crease with twine.
 Snip the edges...scallops are what I like best...but
 different snips make different looks!
  Now, here comes the dying...if your tissue paper wasn't the color you wanted!
I got a huge amount of bulk tissue for cheap...but I wanted mint and pink!

Take a bowl and 1 cup of water.
Add about 6-10 drops of food coloring...

Dip the tissue paper thing right into the bowl!
It will soak up the water and dye.

 Whatever combo of colors you want!

Then they need to be opened carefully and set out to dry.
It's great if it's hot and you can set them in the sun.
They must dry completely in order to don't do
these the DAY BEFORE you need them, like I did!

 Once they are completely dry...
 Open it up.
 Now separate each layer individually.
One at a time.  4 layers up to the center on one side...
Then flip it over and do the last four layers up to the other side.
Fluff them up!
Hang them by the twine and you have instant perfection!
Adds so much visual weight at any party--and it's so inexpensive!
When I decorate inside I just stick these directly into the ceiling with a corsage pin.
I don't ever even patch the one notices a pin hole!

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