Wire Wrapped Autumn Tree of Life Necklace!

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 Wire Wrapped Autumn Tree of Life Necklace!
 This is a gorgeous necklace!
 and similar to this Tree of Life Necklace I did before...only without leaves!
 Just add beads for leaves!
Make a Beautiful Autumn Statement!
 You will need:
One 2 inch circle of 16 gauge wire
Twelve 12 inch pieces of 26 gauge wire
Autumn Colored Beads
(Mine are from Oriental Trading)
 Tie each of the wires on the big loop using a larks head or girth hitch knot.
 Take 3 strands in a row and braid them loosely...about 1/2 inch up.
 Repeat until you have 8 braids.
 Twist them together to form the trunk.
 Then split up and twist branches.
 Add beads to each wire, twist and repeat.
 Twist them a few times around the hoop to keep them in place.
 Clip the excess wire about 1 inch remaining...
 Then use jewelry pliers to curl the remaining wire in cute clusters.
 Add a chain and you are good to wear it!
 I love the sparkly beads!
 Great handmade gift idea too!

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Great tutorial! I always thought this was a difficult pendant to make, but you make the process look pretty easy. I'm definitely going to try this ... thanks!