Deck the Halls with Paper! 3D Snowflakes and Paper chains!

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Deck the Halls with reams of Paper!
This is holiday decorating on the cheap.
This is how we decorated for the holidays last year.
There's been plenty of years that we've had to go cheap on decorating.
I was inspired by Elf, I love all the silly snowflakes and
 paper chains that Buddy puts up everywhere.
And, this would make some killer decorations for a Frozen themed birthday party!
I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite.
Make work your favorite.
You'll need some basic supplies:
Regular weight Paper--colors or plain white!
Stapler and staples
(I love my staple pliers)

Let's Deck the Halls!
3D Snowflakes!
These snowflakes make a big impact on the "Decking the Halls" project!
Each snowflake uses 6 pieces of paper!
Okay you'll need:
Square pieces of paper (ours are 8.5 by 8.5 inch)
Stapler/staples (I started with glue works, but staples are faster)
Twine, hole punch and pins for hanging.
Start by folding your square piece of paper in half, triangle way.
Then again.
On the folded edge of the triangle, you will cut 3 cuts.
About an inch apart and an inch from the edge...don't cut all the way through.
Open the paper back up. If you cut it right it will have arrow points coming out from the center.
Now take the 2 smallest pieces and curl them into each other. Staple in place.
Flip the paper over. Take the next 2 pieces, loop them and staple.
Flip paper, next 2...staple....
repeat one last time.
You should have a cute little spinny ornament shape.
Repeat until you have 6 of them.

Then staple them side to side...

Then staple the bases of 3 of them together. Staple the other three together...
then staple the last 2 edges together to form the circle loop!
Sounds confusing...but it's super simple! Just look at the pictures and go for it!
Then we repeated that...until we had 150 of those spinny things!
We made 25 3D snowflakes!
Then just punched a hole at one end, tied on some twine and
stuck them right into the textured ceiling with corsage pins!
Huge impact!

Paper chains are a fun 3D decoration too!
I used a paper cutter and cut 1.5 inch strips.
Then I gave my kids free reign of the stapler and they went at it.
The staple pliers make it easy to 6 year old (at the time)
was very successful and did most of the chains himself.
loop after loop is stapled on.
My only instruction to them was to mix up the colors.
After making yards and yards of chains...we wrapped the Christmas tree
 and hung them around the room from the ceiling.
It looked great!

This is a fantastic way to decorate the office,  a school room, a party,
you name it!
It's inexpensive but fills the space!
And it looks amazing!
Each 3D snowflake is 18 inches across!
They are perfect and grand!

Oh yeah, I just use pins to hang them.
The pins stick right into the ceiling or edges of molding and when they are removed,
no one can even tell!
Deck the Halls with paper!
This was so much fun for us to do as a family!
You can make a toilet paper roll advent calendar too!
Easy and just uses things around the house!
How do you decorate for the holidays?

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AguasGirl said…
I seriously love your idea!
Unknown said…
Awesome, snowflake project and the chain makes it so the younger children are included. Thanks.