Wire Wrapped Double Stacked Button Rings!

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 Wire Wrapped Double Stacked Button Rings!
 More bling!
Just like these ring I did earlier in the year...
 Only this time, with stacked buttons! 
 You'll need wire, plastic buttons, and a ring sizer/mandrel

Here's the directions for the single layered rings: 
(again, more vivid instructions on this post)
For the double, just start them the same, 1/2 size bigger than you want the finished product to be.
Slide on both buttons at the same time!
Twist the wires at the top...leaving about 2 inches left to wrap around the ring.

 Curl the wire around the button and around the ring loops about 3-4 times.
 Cute right?
Faceted plastic buttons are available at craft stores.

 Here's a fancy one my sister did!
She wire wrapped the entire band.
If you want to do that, size your ring about 2.5 sizes bigger than
 you need the finished product because the wrapping will cut out additional finger space.
 Gives it a fantastic finish, but it is a bulkier band.
I love options!

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