Pumpkin Spider Halloween Wreath!

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This is a sponsored post by Floracraft®.
 Pumpkin Spider Halloween Wreath!
I'm happy to be part of the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Halloween Blitz!
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 I picked the adorable Pumpkin and Spider wreath to make with my own spin on it!
Floracraft sent me a box full FloraCraft Make It: Fun® Foam and
FloraCraft® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh in orange and green!
With all this Fun® Foam, I'm going to have many more great projects in the future!
 I used this 14 inch foam wreath with a 3 inch ball and a 1.5 inch ball.
 I used orange and black felt as well...and some pipe cleaners.
 I wrapped the foam around the wreath form.
This just keeps the foam contained...and the under color orange too.
 There are places where the foam doesn't cover, but no worries.
 Just wrap the FloraCraft® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh around the wreath.
I love how it looks!
 I added a piece of green mesh at the top for hanging.
 Then made the spider by wrapping a big square piece of felt
around the Styrofoam ball.
 And hot glued on some pipe cleaner legs.
 I added an hourglass for fun...even though it doesn't show.
 And hot glued it right on to the wreath.
 I love it!
It's cute, creepy and perfect for Halloween!
 I love the texture and fullness of the decorative mesh!
 This is simple enough for older kids to help make too--and doesn't take long either!

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