Wire Wrapped Spider Web Necklace!

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 Wire Wrapped Spider Web Necklace!
 You will need:
20 gauge wrapping wire
Spider Charm (I got mine here)
Small jump ring
Necklace chain
Jewelry pliers (these ones are good)

Start by wrapping the wire around in a circle about 3 inches wide 4 times.
Most of the wrapping I do by hand...except the tight twists, I use pliers.
 Then twist and wrap the wire across 3 times.
 Forming the structure for the web.
 Then wrap wire to form a pendant loop...

Bend the outside wires to form more of a hexagon shape.
Then twist and wrap the wire around each spoke.
 If you run out of wire,
just twist and wrap on some more...add extra twists and loops wherever!
 Wrap the wire around the center for stability and then clip the wire and tuck the end.
 Now use a jump ring to secure the spider to the web.
I love Halloween jewelry!
 Add a chain and wear it!
 I love it!

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