Doctor WHO week! I Heart Heart The Doctor Tie Dye Shirt!

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  I Heart Heart The Doctor Tie Dye Shirt!
Don't you love Doctor Who week!?
I'm always surprised how many great ideas I have!  Haha!
 Combine hippie tie dye with your favorite time traveling medical care provider!
First you will need to make the heart heart tie dye shirt!
You will need a White cotton shirt and Tulip's one-step tie dye kit.
Wash the shirt in hot water.
While it's still wet, fold in half.
Draw a heart on the front with a washable marker.
Scrunch up the shirt so the heart line all lines up in one continuous line.
Secure it with a rubber band.
**You can read here for more tie dying tips**
Place on a baking sheet and covered table.
load up the shirt with dye!
Let the shirt sit in a plastic bag for 6-8 hours.
Then rinse completely until the water runs clear.
Then wash in a regular cycle...then dry.
Next cut out some vinyl.
I got the GREATEST vinyl from SiserNA!
They sent me a sample pack in exchange for this review.
They have shiny electric colors, glitter, glow in the dark, metallics!
This vinyl is the best I've worked with, and that's saying something!
They are a wholesaler, so you can pick some up from Regional Supply!
 Cut the vinyl out in reverse.
Then lay on the shirt on a ironing board.
 Cover with a tea towel and iron on high for a minute or so.
 Then carefully remove the plastic.
This vinyl is electric blue and shiny!  I love it!
 It's the greatest tie dye shirt in all of time and space!
Come back tomorrow for more Doctor Who Week!

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