Doctor WHO week! Journal of Impossible Things DIY!

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Journal of Impossible Things DIY!
 Remember the Doctor Who episode, Human Nature and Family of Blood?
It's one of the most touching episodes, I always bawl.
Anyway, David Tennant, The Doctor, turns himself mortal with his fob watch.
He records these strange space traveling dreams in this cool journal.
  He falls in love with Nurse Redfern and lets her read it.
 I decided to recreate it, with a couple changes.
 To start, I used this Leda Art Supply Sketchbook for Artists.
It is a large 8 by 10 notebook with blank pages.
I received it at no cost in exchange for this review, but let's be real,
I would have easily paid $15 for the notebook for this amazing project!

This is a very high quality sketchbook!
The paper is 80 lb!  It doesn't tear easily, it doesn't show through!
This sketchbook is the BEST.  It's even guaranteed!
I had some scraps of leather.  I made them work by stitching 2 pieces together.
You will need:
Leather 20 by 10"
Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
Kam snaps and snap setter
x-acto knife
I cut a piece of paper to make a pattern.
Then set it on the leather and used the ruler and rotary cutter to cut nice straight lines.
I made the joining of the leather on the backside so it's not as noticeable.
I used a non skid presser foot and leather needles...
And some red thread to stitch the 2 pieces of leather together.
Not perfect, but I'm happy!
I used Kam Snaps and added 2 snaps to the book for stability.

The kit comes with the setter, snaps and an awl.
Push the awl through the fabric.
Put the 2 pieces in place and squeeze with the pliers.

Repeat for the other side.
Snaps set!
Now for the wrap leather.
We marked the top where we needed to made cuts.
We made 3 cuts 1/2 inch apart on the top.
I cut a 1/2 inch strip of leather that was 30" or so.
With a slit/button hole on one end.
Weave the opposite end through 2 of the slits.
Weave the strip through the button hole on the end...making a lark's head or girth hitch.
This is how the underside looks.
Then weave the strip through the last slit and wrap the book!
Here's the back...not as stunning, but I do like the red contrast stitching...however messy!
Eeeeeeee!!!  I Love it!
Even my husband said it was the coolest thing I've made!
It's ready to become my journal of impossible things!
Can't wait to draw and doodle and write my dreams.
Admit it, you love it!

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imbzystitchin said…
VERY nice project.