Doctor WHO week! Clara Hair Chain Tiara from Robots of Sherwood!

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 Clara Hair Chain Tiara from Robots of Sherwood!
 Don't you love Clara?
I especially love her costuming...she always looks amazing!
I knew I had to recreate this head chain!
 Perfect piece for cosplay!
 Yes, even Clara is giddy about it!
  First you will need:
Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets
*I received these free in exchange for this review*

This is revolutionary!
It's amazing!
It melts in hot water and then it's totally pliable and easy to form into anything!
So I heated up a cup of water in the microwave and then dumped
about 3 spoonfuls of pellets into the water.
They quickly turn clear.
I used a tiny spoon to stick them together and pick it out of the water.
Now you can touch it and mold it however you like!
It's not hot!
I made a 1.5 inch watermelon slice shape!
I rolled little balls and then used a lighter to heat up the area so I could stick them in place.
Then I rolled a long snake...
Heated up the piece and stuck it to the other.
Repeated balls and lines.
And it only takes minutes to dry completely!
Now I needed to add color.
I used Rub 'n Buff in silver and black.
To give it a filigree look!
Next I drilled 2 holes in each side,
Twisted on some wire and then attached jump rings and chain!
Just like so...
The chains are doubled 5 inches on each side with a jump ring and a bobby pin
 to hold them in the hair.
Now, the trick.
Obviously, there is no way to get that bead piece to sit on the
forehead with loose, dangling chains...
I'm pretty sure they used spirit gum on Doctor Who to keep Clara's on.
We'll do the same for a cosplay...but for now just stuck it
 to my darling girl's head with tape!
And it stayed remarkably well!
The perfect accessory for a medieval look too!

Love it!
I love how easy it was to work with that moldable plastic!
You better believe there will be many more projects with it in the future!

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