Tie Dye Pajama Shirt Sleepover Party! #TieDyeYourSummer

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 Tie Dye Pajama Shirt Sleepover Party!
 I was sent supplies from Tulip I love to Create in exchange for this post.
 We had our cousins over for a couple days while parents 
went out of town...and we had so much fun!
Tie Dye Pajama Shirt Sleepover Party!
 We started in the morning with our Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit
 We covered a patio table with a garbage bag, zip ties and used a baking rack 
to prevent dye puddling under the shirt.
Otherwise, everything you need is included in the kit for mess free dying!
 Oh, we made some makeshift aprons out of grocery bags too.
I worked with one child at a time, the others jumped on the tramp to keep the chaos controlled.
 Each kiddo got to design their own shirts!
The cousins picked hearts!
 Once the shirt is dyed, put it in a grocery bag.
 My daughter made a rainbow...
Add dye to one side of the shirt, then turn over and dye the other side.
 And another heart, it's fun to let the children feel like they have total control...
thanks to Tulip One-Step kits, the work is pretty much done for you!
 Once the shirts are dyed, we sat them on the patio in the sun for 6 hours.
In the evening, I took them out of the bags, rinsed them in the sink until the water runs clear...
and then wash and dry them as a normal cycle.
There are pattern ideas and full directions in every Tulip One-Step Tie Dye kit!
 Just in time for bedtime!
Perfect hear with a pie shaped swirl to wrap up the rest of the shirt.
Perfect way to end the slumber sleepover party with custom made T-shirt pajama shirts!
Gildan shirts are great!
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Here's tips from Tulip to set up a Tie Dye Station!
This would be a blast for summer camp or a family reunion!

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