The "Do it Yourself" DIY Shirt!

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6:00 AM
The "Do it Yourself" DIY Shirt!
 So, my daughter (11) is a hilarious artist!
She doodled this little guy on a paper...
He's balding and yelling "do it yourself!"
We thought it was hilarious and worthy of a DIY t-shirt!
I scanned her art into photoshop and then traced all the lines on a new layer.
It's just so hard to get clean/crisp lines from sketchy it was a little labor intensive. 
Then I deleted the image and left my traced image.  
Saved it off and imported it into Silhouette Studio.
Then it's just as simple as tracing and selecting cut lines.

Now lay out the heat transfer material on the cutting mat.
(I'm using flocked)
Reverse the image if you have text (since it cuts from the backside)
Then have it cut according to Silhouette directions.
Weed the excess vinyl
Place on shirt and cover with a tea towel and iron on high for a couple minutes.
Once it is all warmed up, you can iron directly on the plastic.
Then carefully peel back the plastic and re-iron places as necessary.
Now show off that hand drawn art shirt!
My daughter is thrilled to see her work made into a funny t-shirt!

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