Vintage Style Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark!

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 Vintage Style Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark!
Let's make a gorgeous ribbon bookmark with a chain tassel!
 Make a classy statement!
It's jewelry for your favorite book!

For this Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark you will need:

Great for a Youth summer camp craft!
 Cut the ribbon to 8 inch length and use a lighter to melt the ends to prevent fraying.
 Place a crimp end on the end of the ribbon
 And pinch it down tight with pliers.
 Hook on an eye pin.
 Add a faceted bead...
 Snip the eye pin about 1/2" away from the bead and curl it with pliers to form a hook.
Then slip the end of the chain on the hook.
 Loop it about an inch and hook it on the eye pin again.
Repeat a few times to make a pretty tassel.
 Now use pliers and snip the loops of the chain
 Super cute!
 Now, on the other end I used an flat head pin...but an eye pin will work just fine too.
Just slip it on the pin...
 And cut it about 1/4-1/2" away from the bead and loop it around the other crimp end.
Super easy and totally classy!
 I love the Paris themed ribbon!
So fun and fancy!
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Come back tomorrow for more fun jewelry ideas!

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