Candy Bead Necklace!

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 Candy Bead Necklace!
I was sent some great Jewelry Supplies from Panda Hall
 Here's what you will need!
Acrylic Candy Beads
Black faceted beads
Fishing line and a barrel clasp too!
This is the perfect craft for a little lady!
 I used a barrel clasp and fishing line.
Double the fishing line and tie it onto the barrel clasp.
 Then alternate black beads and candy beads...
 Until it's about 14-16 inches long.
 Then tie a knot at the end of it.
Then tie it through the barrel clasp and double knot it.
 Then thread the fishing line back through the beads...
 Clip the ends and ta-da!  It looks perfect!
We did a bracelet too!
This big chunky beads make a fun statement for a little lady!
More great Acrylic Beads here!
Perfect for Summer camp crafts!

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