Steampunk Charm Bracelet!

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 Steampunk Charm Bracelet!
You will need:
Vintage Style Antique Bronze Bracelet with 5 Bezel Settings (similar)
J-B Weld PlasticWeld Epoxy Putty
Lisa Pavelka Steampunk Watch Parts
  Clear Point Back Rhinestones 
Open the epoxy.
(I received this epoxy from JB Weld around Christmas time last year...I love it)
And I love all these little watch parts!
 Just pull off a bit of it.
As much as you will end up needing...
Knead to mix it together until the white and blue mix thoroughly.
Then press the epoxy into your bezel,
Rounding the clay inside it.
Now add a variety of steampunk parts!
This is the totally fun and addicting part--trust me, you will want to make 20 of them!
I add jewels because they give it some sparkle!
Super cool.
Let it dry takes around 4 hours or so.
But smell it...if it still smells like a perm...let it dry longer.
The scent will completely leave when it's dry.
Totally Adorable!

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