My Little Pony Parasprite Mobile with Floracraft®!

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This is a sponsored post by Floracraft®.  All opinions and craft ideas are mine!
 My Little Pony Parasprite Mobile!
Floracraft® sent me all these fun styrofoam supplies!
* FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Balls
* FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Tools
* FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Cutter
 They also sent me all this fun swag!
A lunch bag, drink cup, notebook, pen and flashlight.
 My daughter and I knew EXACTLY what we wanted to make!
 We love My Little Pony!
Episode 10 in season 1 is called Swarm of the Century.
Fluttershy finds these adorable little guys called Parasprites!
 They multiply so quickly that they become a pest and eat everything in Ponyville.
Thankfully Pinkie Pie saves the day with her One-Man-Band!
But they are totally adorable!!!
And we knew they would make the cutest mobile!
We took 8 balls and painted them all different colors.
 The paint goes on thick, because it soaks in to all the holes...
 We rest them in plastic cups to dry...that way you can paint the entire ball at
once and just rotate it periodically...
While the foam is drying you can make the wings!
You will need Iridescent cellophane like this:
 And transparency film plastic like this:
I used the printer and printed off this wing pattern I designed right onto the
transparency plastic, all rights to MLP.
Next I cut pieces of the cellophane.
1. Printed wings.
2. Spray with adhesive (put in a box to prevent overspray)
3. Remove from box
4. Put a sheet of iridescent cellophane over the wings
 5. Turn over and repeat for the other side
6. Look how gorgeous!
7. Cut wings with scissors
8. Cut off black border too.
Now you will need thick brown pipecleaners, fishing line, giant needle, hot glue/gun.
1. String about 1 yard doubled of fishing line on giant needle
2. Insert needle through ball
3. Leave knotted end about 2 inches from ball, don't pull all the way through.
4. Cut two 1 inch pieces of pipe cleaner
5. Bend pipe cleaners in half and insert them in the fishing line loop.
Hot glue pipe cleaners on foam and pull fishing line through.
6. Cut fun foam circle eyes and hot glue
7. Add white foam shapes with hot glue
8. Use foam cutter to cut groove for wings.
 9. Fill groove with hot glue and then insert wings.
10. Repeat for other wing.
11. Repeat for every little Parasprite.
12. Adorable!  Admire the cuteness!
Now I took the excess fishing line and tied it to a wreath from
I got from the dollar store.
Hang and enjoy the iridescent wings!
 The breeze was blowing through the yard and made these little Parasprites come alive!

 They now hang in my daughters room over her bed.
Perfect addition to her Pony themed room!
 And Pinkie Pie Approved!
I still have enough foam balls to do a solar system for my boys!
They are thrilled too!
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Unknown said…
These are adorable, Natalie. So dang cute & colorful. My daughter played with Little Ponies but the Parasprites are new to me. Thank you!