CANDY WRAPPER Starburst Wrapper Link Bracelet!

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Starburst Wrapper Link Bracelet!
 Did you ever make these linked bracelets in school?
I remember using gum wrappers in elementary school to weave these little bracelets.
I used 2 large bags of Starburst.
The bags I used were plastic...the more paper-like wrappers
work the best for sharp creases.
 I began by cutting my bag into pieces.
2 inches by 4 inches.
 Fold in half the long way
 Open and fold each edge into the center crease
 Crease both sides
 Fold in the center
 Fold in half again and fold the strip ends into the center again
 Like this!
Fold in center so the flaps stay put.
Repeat these little links over and over.
The paper ones will hold their shape better than the plastic
 Then the pieces link inside each other...
 Like this...practice on paper to get the hang of it!
 2 loose ends slide into the loops of the other loose ends...
 Slide down to link in place
 Then repeat...
 Over and over!
 Until you have a long enough piece to fit around the wrist.
 On the last link, I wove in a big jump ring.
 And attached a hook on one end.
 Perfect and ready to wear!
 Cute way to wear your trash!

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Emma Jasmine said…
Amazing ideas, Keep sharing!