CANDY WRAPPER Skittles Flower Headband!

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 CANDY WRAPPER Skittles Flower Headband!
 I love these candy wrapper crafts!
It's a great way to upcycle things that normally end up in the trash.
This flower used 2 skittles bags.
I've been hoarding candy wrapper bags for years.
 Seriously years.  Look at the "Best by" date...August 2010.
anyway, cut the sealed edges off the bag so you have a sheet.
Fold in half...
 Then in half again...
 Cut them into circles.
 I used 6...but cut 8.
 Now you need a needle and thread.
Fold a circle in half and stitch in and out all the way along the curved edge...both layers.
 Just like this.  Knotted on one end, but no other knots.
 Now carefully scrunch and gather the wrapper on the thread.
Just don't pull so hard you break the thread.
 Then stitch on the next circle...
 Repeat 6 times.  Then knot the last petal through the first petal to make a circle.
Then tie it off.
 Use a felt circle with some hot glue...
 And press the flower onto the glue.
 This will hold everything in place.
 I used a piece of the wrapper to cover the hole on the top.
 Now, I cut 16" of fold over elastic and hot glued it to the felt.
 Like this.
 Then cover with another felt circle.
 Add a jewel to the center and it's ready to wear!
 It's a gorgeous way to wear a candy wrapper!
Love it!
What kind of "trash" do you hoard?

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