FrogTape® Gallery Wall tip and Wall Painting!

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FrogTape® Gallery Wall tip and Wall Painting!
FrogTape® brand painter’s tape sent me this tape and fun
T-shirt to try out in exchange for this review.
There are lots of varieties of FrogTape®.
Some made for Delicate surfaces, Multi-surfaces and even Textured walls (see this post).
So we have a beautiful basement kitchen.
It was painted lavender and was lovely, but not us.
We moved out the appliances and used our Delicate Surface FrogTape®
to tape off all the walls.
Taping off is a labor of love, but makes such a difference with the final take the time to do it right!
FrogTape’s PaintBlock® Technology prevents paint from bleeding under,
no matter what surface is being painted.
We even had a random tan colored wall that was painted after some water
damage from the window well...we replaced the baseboard too.
We picked 2 shades of gray.
And used a foam brush on the corners and a roller for the bulk of the walls.
After 2 coats of dark granite paint, we peeled back the FrogTape®
to reveal perfectly crisp paint lines!
We painted the edge around the borders a light gray to it some accent walls.
To top it off we put a new chandelier over the island in brushed silver to match!
I love the gray!
Sorry, there's not a lot of natural light in the basement, but it looks spectacular!
We are thrilled with the simple, yet classy update!
Here is my secret to hanging up a Gallery Wall.
Once you get the spacing solved
(which for me just involves a prayer and then pounding nails in the wall on a whim)
Then roll a little piece of FrogTape for Delicate Walls and
place it on the bottom corner of every frame, picture or wall knick-knack.
I always use the delicate wall tape...I love it and have never
had a problem with it pulling off paint.
Press it firmly in place and boom!
Those frames wont slip around and will stay level!
This trick works great and keeps the cuteness level for years!
If you've been thinking about a room re-do at your house, now is the perfect time to do it!
Use FrogTape and take lots of pictures!
by showcasing your transformed space for your chance to win $5000!
To enter you must re-do a room with the help of FrogTape and submit your photos
to the FrogTape Room Makeover Contest
The winner will receive a $5,000 prize!
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