Epoxy Putty Filigree Jewelry!

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Epoxy Putty Filigree Jewelry!
Make a bedazzled cape clasp with this easy method!
I used J-B Weld PlasticWeld Epoxy Putty.

(J-B Weld sent me a variety of epoxy's before Christmas,
 I used the wood epoxy to make this picture frame!)
You will also need
Pointy back rhinestones
Safety pin with blank bezel
This epoxy is great for repair work and fixing plastics!
I know it would be great around the house and yard...but
I knew it would be fun to craft with too!
It comes in a tube...white material in the center and blue around the edges.
Just cut a piece off and mix together.
I hardly used any of my supply.
It's the mixing that causes the chemical reaction to make it bond!
It also smells like a perm...so get some ventilation!
Mix until uniform color.
Press it on your bezel blank.
Now stick rhinestones in it!
The epoxy takes about 20 minutes to harden and overnight to cure completely.
Just press the points in the clay deep enough for it to bond and hold.
Love it!
Let them dry overnight.
Now you have a fancy clasp for your cape!
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This technique would work on bottle cap necklaces, pendant bezels or buttons!

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