Herb Garden Planter Stakes!

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Herb Garden Planter Stakes!
Make your herb garden look amazing even without any plants!
My mom made these when I was young.
(That makes these about 25 years old)
They have weathered the weather...but still look great!
She made them to mark all her herbs in the garden.
She took a 2 by 4 and sliced off thin 1/4" pieces of it...or use pre-cut wooden shapes like hearts!
Then just stapled on a craft stick!  Easy!
Next paint them.  Spray paint would be an easy way to do a bunch at a time!

Then hand paint with acrylics and seal them with some poly spray.
Perfect for garden labeling!
Stick them in where you plant your seeds or plants and enjoy!
Looks beautiful even before the plants grow! 
Now that it's been 17 years since my mom passed away,
I love to see these little reminders of her craftiness!

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Lori said…
I just came across this post while looking for ideas for handpainted garden stakes. What a beautiful reminder of your mom! I wish I had some like this!