Chunk Snap Necklaces, Keychains & Floating Lockets!

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Chunk Snap Necklaces and Keychains & Floating Lockets!
I received $50 worth of goodies from (previously Dorabeads)
They have an amazing selection of craft, party, business and jewelry making supplies...
I was on their website for hours!
Here's what I ended up picking!

They have a giant selection of chunk snap jewelry!
It's interchangeable jewelry...that just snaps on.
You can mix and match your pendants, bracelets, rings and keychains!
There's variety packs and lots of rhinestones and sparkly pieces!

I got these rhinestone circle pendants, they come in a pack of 3 for less than $4!
Flower pendants, pack of 3 for $4!
And all these interchangeable snaps!
Teal flower bursts
Clear burst
And a random pack of small snaps

I got enough pendants and snaps to keep a set of each for myself,
and have plenty to give as gifts--Just a pack of 3 snaps and a pendant!
I love the bigger more sparkly snaps...but they all look so cool and
 change the look of the pendant!
Super fun!
These are snap key chains!
They would work the same with the giant or small jewels above!
I love the change-up versatility--so cool, right?
I got these leather key fobs
Perfect gift idea for Dad--keep in mind for Father's day!
Easy to just snap on!

And last,
Floating Lockets!
I got a round rhinestone one
 and a rhombus!
As well as a 10 piece floating charm pack...easy!
(so I can make 2 sets for about $23...not bad a little more than $10 each!...cheaper if you buy more!)
These little charms are adorable and fit right inside the lockets!
They are high quality and stay together tight...yet open easy enough to swap out charms!

I also got some snowflake disks that fit right inside!
Fun look for winter!
(they are less than $2 for 30 of them, so I'll be using them on some upcoming projects too!)
I love them!
Great gift ideas for Mother's and Father's day!
Check out today!

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