Bird Nest Wire Wrapped Necklace!

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 Bird Nest Wire Wrapped Necklace!
 Make an adorable little nest!
This makes a great gift for a mother!
One bead for each child she has...
 Or great just for fun!
 Lot's of variety, messy it's the perfect craft for a Super Saturday,
Girls camp group, youth activity or teen craft party!
 You will need beads and 20 gauge wire.
You will also want some wire cutters and possible some jewelry pliers.
I can do it all with just my hands, but you decide.
 I like a full, messy nest.
I use 5 feet of wire.
 Place your desired number of beads on the end of the wire.
 Bend over about an inch and a half...
 I wrapped the wire around the beads to make an infinity symbol...
 And then wrap and twist the wire.
Clip where desired.
 Now, stick the beads straight up to keep them out of the way and work beneath them.
Wrap about 5 small circles of wire.  Mine are the size of a quarter.
 Here's the top side angle.
 Now do about 3-5 loops of wire even bigger.
 Now start wrapping the wire around the loops, through them...twisted around worries if you get kinks in your wire...
 Back and forth, around and through.
Just weave and wrap...and twist.
 I like to picture myself as a mother bird, just building a nest.
Look where there are gaps and fill them in a bit...

Pay attention to the back side too!
 Lay the eggs/beads on top of the nest and secure them in place with another wrap of the wire.
 To finish it off,
Make a final loop of the wire, leaving out about an inch.
 With the remaining piece of wire close to the loop.
Now wrap the tail wire around the loop a few times...
 Clip off remaining wire at about 4 wraps.
 Add a chain and you are good to go!
Add a little bird charm for the perfect finishing touch!
 Make a sleek nest by simply wrapping the same size loop about 8-10 times
 and then adding a few final wraps here and there!  Easy and chic!
 Lots of variety and so cute!
 My daughter wanted a pink nest.
Who can blame her?
 Perfect Bird Nest Pendant!
I've got some in my Etsy Shop too, if you would rather buy one!

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