Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Ring!

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 Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Ring!
 Easy Handmade project for tweens and up!
Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Ring!
Like this adorable Bird Nest Necklace I did in the early part of this year...
 But on a ring!
Start with 3 feet of 20 gauge wire...and as many beads as you want.
 Start by wrapping around your finger and bigger...to make a messy loop
 Loop the wire around the loops.
This will create the messy bird nest and help it keep its shape.
 Leave the center open for the bead eggs.
 Place the beads on the wire...
 And bend them to fit in the egg.
Twist the wire underneath and loop it around another wire to secure it in place.
 Now for the ring.
Similar to this wire wrapped ring I did here:

You will need a ring sizer and mandrel

You will need 12 inches of 20 gauge wire.
Place the wire 1/2 a size bigger than you need it to end up and wrap it around the mandrel.
Wrap it back around and twist it tight on the top.
Thread the nest right through the wires.
Carefully remove from the mandrel.
Bring the wires down to the ring and wrap and twist it around the band about 4 times.
Clip the remaining wires and you are ready to wear!

This bird bead made a darling ring for my niece!

I love it!

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