Scented Kisses Cookie Necklace!

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 Scented Kisses Cookie Necklace!
The perfect statement necklace!
You can make realistic cookies to wear!
 You'll need polymer clay...
in a light tan color.

 Get it soft and roll into a ball...about the size of a golf ball...maybe a tad smaller.
Then dust it with some cinnamon!
 Roll the cinnamon into the clay.
Now it has texture and a more realistic look!
 Flatten the center with your finger...
 And get an eye pin.
 Bend it.
 And hook it in carefully.
Place the end in...push down, turn the pin as it bends and
 then smooth out the clay around the eye.
That bend will keep the eye pin from sliding out because of weight or stress on it.
 Next, make a chocolate drop or kiss!
I mixed a dark brown and a reddish brown...and a little white.
 Form the perfect drop shape.
 Score the center of the cookie and the underside of the kiss with a pin.
This will help them to bond together and not just fall off.
 Now it's ready to bake in the oven.
It's pretty I baked mine for 30 minutes at 275* F.
(It's so real...I offered it to my kids and my hubby while covering the eye
 pin...and they all fell for it!)
 Add a chain and rock your delicious jewelry!
 Best part?
It smells like cinnamon!  :)  Seriously.

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