Upholstered Vintage Claw Foot Chair!

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 Upholstered Vintage Claw Foot Chair!
 This chair has been the bane of my existence for a couple years now.
I bought it when we were still living in North Carolina for $5 at a yard sale.
It sat in the garage like this for months.
I acted excited about it...cuz I was...and removed all the nail head
trim and disassembled the pieces.
Then we moved to our current location...and it still sat in the garage.
In order to relieve my husband of the troublesome chair...and to try to inspire myself to recover it...
I put it in my craft room...and there it sat for months.
 The problem was deciding how to go with the chair.
After a couple years, I just decided to paint the legs and cover it in
 some blue upholstery material I had on hand.
When I actually did the project, it took an hour at best.
 I just busted out my husbands carpet staple gun.
It plugs in and kicks those staples in right where I need them!
I just stretched the fabric over the cushions and rolled the edges so they wouldn't fray.
 Started at the front of the chair, because it's the most noticeable.
And then moved to the sides and back.
 At the back, I cut the excess material and rolled, creased and stapled as I went.
 For the back rest.
I just cut a piece of fabric to cover the front...
 And folded it over the edge and stapled it right into the wood frame.
Yeah, staples only work in furniture that have wood structures.
 I gathered and stapled.
Then I trimmed the excess material.
 For the back piece...
I just rolled the edge of a piece and staple it right over the piece that wrapped behind.
 It's not the cleanest recovering job I've done...
but it was fast.
And after 2 years of sitting, gathering dust, I was ready to be done!
 I found the nail head trim I meticulously saved...
 And lined it up on the borders and pounded in the tacks.
 It gives it a finished edge.
 And around the top edge too.
Looks great from the side.
You can see the obvious gathers since I didn't dart and fit the material.
 Alas, she is done.
And I can rest easy knowing it's not taking up any more
space in the garage or craft room!

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