Sandwich Bag Wreath!

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6:00 AM
 The Sandwich Bag Wreath!

 Make a festive wreath to decorate your fence, front door or even hang in the trees!
 You will need:
1 wire hanger
1 box of sandwich fold top bags (we used about 100-125 bags)
You could cut up grocery bags and use them if you want to do some recycling!
 Bend out the hanger into a circle.
The hanger hook makes it easy to hang!
 Take a sandwich bag and squeeze it tight.
Tie it in a simple overhand knot around the hanger.
Repeat a hundred times.
 This was a great activity for my tween daughter.
It would be a fun craft night for youth, activity days girls, or camp craft!
 Once it's completely covered in bags,
take some time to fluff it up.
Now it needs some color...
I grabbed the red Duck tape...
 Made a strip about 18 inches and put another strip over that.
Sticky sides it's just like waterproof ribbon.
 Fold in both sides to the center and tape in place.
 Gather up the center
 Then use a narrow strip of tape to secure the center.
 Same technique to make the tails...
 and just tape them all together.
 And tape it right on the wreath!
I think it would look so cute to have these all along the fence!
 Even on the front door!

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