Tom Baker SCARF Earrings--4th Day of Doctor Who!

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On the 4th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Totally loveable Tom Baker and his goofy scarf!

{If you missed the last 3 days, I thought it would be
 fun to do a Doctor Who Day countdown!
Like the "12 Days of Christmas"...but for Doctor Who! 
Come back every day for the newest project!}

That's right--The iconic scarf!
Anyone who knows anything about Doctor Who knows the scarf!
Ridiculously long...colorful stripes...gets them out of sticky it!
If you can knit, more power to you!
But I decided to do some ridiculously long "no knit" scarf earrings!
Leather strips, painted and hardware added.

 Easy.  Your true love is going to love these!

Start with some scrap leather.
I used a light tan/gray.
1 inch by nearly 5 inch strips.
You'll also need
2 earring studs and 2 jump well as a few tools.
Punch a hole with a leather punch tool or a needle in the leather.
Use some pliers to put the jump ring through the hole and the stud.
Perfect and ready for paint.
I started by using leather dyes...they did not work.
So, get some paint!
And paint big bold vivid stripes!
different sizes in all the colors!

Until satisfied.  Then let them dry...
And take them out for a spin!

You could actually knit a scarf...
Or there's a cool scarf tie for guys here.
 (I don't get paid if you buy one...but you could DIY it!)

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Abby said…
I love that you have "scrap leather" lying around! I wonder if nail polish would work? This is the only Dr Who I ever saw. My brother was into it in...whatever grade he was in then. :) Good work!

And I'm not Abby, I'm me. Apparently it's confusing having kids who blog.
Unknown said…
I LOVE THESE! Stinks that my ears are no longer pierced. I think I'll try to do this as a necklace or keychain or something.