Jon Pertwee Pop Up Cards--3rd Day of Doctor Who!

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TARDIS Pop Up Cards!
On the 3rd Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Jon Pertwee!
He was the super suave Doctor of his time!
I loved his clothes...always ruffles and capes and thick velvets!
I love that they are styling Peter Capaldi (doctor 12) after Pertwee!
If you missed the last 2 days, I thought it would be fun to do a Doctor Who Day countdown!
Like the "12 Days of Christmas"...but for Doctor Who!

Let's make some super suave pop-up cards!
First, I needed a symmetrical TARDIS picture...
SO, I took my cookie jar outside and took some pictures of it.
 Then I edited it in photoshop and made sure they were symmetrical,
even and able to pop-out right!
I've got 2 versions...right click to save off!
Personal use only, please.
The black and white line drawing and full color with a swirl!
 Once you print them out, cut them out (or chop them) on the black line.
That should make them matter what size you want to print them.
If you are saving ink by printing the black and white line drawing...
You might want to add a splash of color!
I used watercolors and just channeled my inner Van Gough and daubed paint all around.
(Don't you love my gold teacup?...I just got it at Goodwill and wasn't sure
 if it was safe for I am using it for paint!)
 Once satisfied, I let it dry.
 Then chopped off the edges.
This paper cutter is my life.  I love it.

Here's the affiliate link if you are in the market.
 At this point you can fold it exactly in half!
 Okay, now the tricky part...
Cut through the fold of the paper, around the light at the top of the tardis,
down the sloping roof and about 1/4" or so under the Police Box sign.
And now down at the base of the TARDIS...
and up the side of the Tardis about 1/2" or need to measure.
 Then fold the the cut lines meet up along the side of the blue box walls.
 Now, you need to get the Tardis inside the fold of the card.
To do this you need to reverse the fold of the top and bottom creases...
Careful not to tear them because they are so narrow!
 And ta-da!  It's a pop up or out Tardis!
 To make it presentable, run a strip of tape or
glue stick along the edges of the Tardis page.
 Fold it back in half carefully and fit it in the crease of another folded piece of cardstock!
I chose blue!
Press to the card, then close it and press evenly to secure the insides to the outs!
 Essentially the card is done...but it's gotta say something on the front!
So I cut a white piece of paper a little smaller than the card
and wrote "oooh weee oooh" on it in a calligraphy/cursive script!
Check out my "DIY Fake Calligraphy" post.
 And presto!
This is the awesomist card in all of time and space!
But let's make it even cooler!
The super suave Black and Red Card!
 First I made the cover...
I used a Pilot Gold Ink Marker and it needs time to dry.
I used my same Faux Calligraphy technique.
 And wrote out a famous Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Quote:
 "Courage is not just a matter of not being frightened, you's
being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway."
 While that's drying.
I folded the tardis sheet, as well as a black piece of
 cardstock and a lightweight sheet of red.
You have to do the 'ode to the vampire cape/jacket' look!
 I taped the tardis sheet inside the red paper...
 And cut down the red borders just slightly so you'd see a border
of black in the finished card.
It's all about layering.
 Then glued/taped/adhered the red card inside the black one!
 And attached the quote to a piece of red paper,
 and then to the front of the card.
Now it's ready for either a giant envelope or just to be hand delivered!
(okay, I guess you should write something on the inside)
 Looks so cool, and stands up for display!
 Which Pop-up card is your favorite???
Come back every day for the newest project!
I am posting these now to give you time to do this yourself.  
Start on December 13th and make a very geeky someone in your life extremely happy!
(if you do...please tell me in the comments--I'll be your best friend!)

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Nanasniftynitch said…
I just found your blog as someone pinned your card on Pinterest. I thank you for the print out, my son and daughter love Dr Who. I want to make this for them.
Xo Nana
Unknown said…
Thank you! Just made this as a birthday card for my son. He is turning 9 this month and wants a doctor who party.
Unknown said…
Thank you for posting. I also found this on Pinterest, as, I am having a Doctor Who themed wedding. I do not know if you follow up with this post, but if you happen to see this, I am wanting to do this as a wedding invitation. Would just like some advice. Thank you.
Ran said…
I'm making this for my cousin who is leaving for college a couple hours away. She loves Doctor who and I thought this was an amazing gift!
Janet Carey said…
I have just come across your blog thru Pinterest and love your work. I am going to make this card for my nephew for his birthday, he is a huge Dr Who fan. Thank you for your projects, they are fantastic.
Unknown said…
I made a variation of this today for a friend.
what a great card to make and not to difficult for us newbies
Vicki said…
Thank you so much for your wonderful Tardis! I used it as a pop-up in my journal. It was perfect!
Unknown said…
Middle-age son who also LOVES Dr. Who!!! This is perfect to perfection for a birthday card ~ THANK YOU!!
Unknown said…
Just want to thank you for sharing your files so freely. I have a sister-in-law and 3 nieces that love Dr. Who and have been begging me to find a card that they can make for a craft day that is Dr. Who related...and this will be perfect. I love the Swirl design you added also. You have made it so easy for us all and I appreciate that. Thank you!
Melissa said…
I can't wait for Saturday the 15th of April for the new season. Its also my hubby's birthday and I want to make this card. Where did you find the files to help make the Tardis please.
Unknown said…
I absolutely love this idea. I love Dr. Who and I am going to try this. Thanks for crafts.