Peter Davison Celery Boutineer--5th Day of Doctor Who!

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 On the 5th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Peter Davison!  Who can forget this celery wearing doctor?
All of the Doctors have their own very silly and distinct style.
What could possibly top the super long scarf?...only veggies!
 What does every panama hat wielding and 3 piece suit wearing man need?
Here's a modern look on my little man.
 This celery is made of felt...
so you could actually use it for kids play food too!
The pattern.
Right click to save off and print.
Personal use only.
 I used about half a sheet of lime green felt.
(which makes this project cost me 12.5¢)
 First I free-handed the celery shapes...pinned the pattern to my felt and
carefully cut them out.
I've done the pattern for you, so you're good to go!
Or just fake it like I did!
 The leaves are not symmetrical...they are totally random and celery like.
 You'll need your 3 pieces.
 Stack them from the biggest to smallest on top.
 Get some light green thread...or white...and a needle.
Double thread the needle and knot off the ends.
 And do a random stitch up the center of the celery.
 Stitch across the top of the small top piece and down the other side.
When stitching the sides, you want to line the edges of felt up exactly.
Because the bottom piece of felt is bigger, this will make the celery curl up!
 And again on the other side.
Squish the felt and line up the edges.
 Stitch up the side.
And trim all the bottom edge pieces to the same length.
 You can do some simple stitches on the leaves like veins.
 And I did 2 more rows of stitching on the celery body.
You know celery has so many strings, it just works!
 Here's the backside...tied off here and there, but great!
 The stalk curls up just like a real piece of water filled celery!
 All it needs is a corsage pin and it's ready to wear!
Or you could sew/glue a pin back on it.  I chose the versatility of pin or play.
 Pinned on the lapel for the perfect holiday boutineer!
In case you've missed the last 4 days...we are doing a 12 days of Doctor Who countdown!
Like the 12 days of Christmas...but much more geeky!
DIY these fun projects for a fun holiday gift for your nerdy someone!

Come back tomorrow for Day 6!

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