Sylvester McCoy Question Mark Umbrella--7th Day of Doctor Who!

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 On the 7th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Sylvester McCoy!
(Hope you've been following for the last week!...I'm doing a DIY countdown to Doctor Who's Christmas Episode!  You can follow along too and surprise a geeky someone in your life!)
And his AMAZING SWEATER VEST and umbrella!
I must learn to knit so I can make that vest!!!
Anyone want to make that for me for a trade from my Etsy shop???
Alas, I'll teach you how to make the umbrella!
First you will need a black umbrella with a hard plastic hook handle.
I found this at a dollar store variety...where everything was $2.
So this umbrella was 2 bucks.
 It's got a hard plastic's brittle and could break easily...
so proceed with caution!
 We went out to the garage and set up the torch on the workbench.
Next we slowly ran the umbrella hook in the flame until the plastic became pliable.
Use caution...and possibly call in some reinforcements!
 Carefully, my husband, bent the plastic into the sharp question mark shape.

 A little more heat to bring the arch over the center line...
 After we were satisfied with the shape of the hook we rubbed some
 ice cubes on it to cool the plastic quickly to keep it's shape.
Some of the plastic is bumpy...and imperfect, but not to worry.
 Now, I had some Sugru laying around.
Just little sample black and red.
 I used all the black Sugru I had and formed a ball
at the base of the hook of the umbrella...and let it dry/set overnight.
(maybe some kind of air dry clay would work)
And then I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't sure if I could get it to work!
But I used that package of RED Sugru and rationed it more
 than anything in the history of rationing!
And pushed it on thinner and thinner until the ball and the hook were covered.
It worked!
It's not quite as thick as I would have liked...but it didn't cost me any additional money!
If I did it again, I would use Plasti-dip in red...and I'd coat the other pointy end in it too!

I'm super pleased with this DIY version
 of the Question mark umbrella!
Perfect for a rainy day!
Come back tomorrow for an exciting 8th Doctor project!
Check all the previous posts to get caught up in the holiday spirit!
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Unknown said…
I loved every one of these little Doctor Who DIYs, but this is definitely my favorite!