Paul McGann TARDIS Heart Necklace--8th Day of Doctor Who!

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On the 8th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann!
(I hope you are following along with this "12 Days of Doctor Who" fun!
It's a 12 days countdown to the Christmas episode of
Doctor Who...surprise a geeky someone in your life!)

Only in one movie...this dapper Doctor stumbles around town stopping
the Master who has just regenerated!
The only thing we really connect with is the TARDIS!
We love the TARDIS!

In case you've missed the last few days...we are doing a 12 days of Doctor Who countdown!
Like the 12 days of Christmas...but much more geeky!
DIY these fun projects for a fun holiday gift for your nerdy someone!
 Let's make a heart police box for the 8th Day of Doctor Who!
 You will need:
Tardis blue polymer clay
Glow in the dark polymer clay
Black polymer clay
White paint/brush

Start by rolling a ball of blue clay.
About the size of a large marble...not quite golf ball.
 Press it down and form it into a heart shape.
 Roll a small amount of black clay with a rolling pin or pen...until it's super thin.
Cut with a hobby knife and place it on the heart.
 Do the same thin rolling technique with glow in the
dark clay to make the Tardis windows.
 Now use more blue!
Roll a super thin snake...
 And outline the black strip, the windows, cross bars and the center line.

 Then add an eye pin in the side.
Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 275*
When cooled, paint Police Box on the black strip.
(love that glow in the dark!)

Wear it proudly!
 Love the Tardis!
This could be a keychain too!
Could even be an entire TARDIS...
or one in a bottle...
or one on a hairbow...
or one on a stocking!

Check the previous posts for loads of Doctor Who ideas...
and come back tomorrow for lots more fun!!!

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