Collin Baker Patchwork Bean Bag Warmer--6th Day of Doctor Who!

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Patchwork Bean Bag Warmer...and it looks like...?
On the 6th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Collin Baker!
 Super memorable with his outfit of many colors!
The mismatched fabric, the patchwork, the colors!
The pants!
As a kid, I remember really liking his clothes!
So I decided to make a bean bag warmer for cold winter days.
I used plaid and sort of gingham flannel...with some blue and white polka dot cotton.
I had all this on hand, can you believe it?
Also, about 2 cups of feed corn.
I just cut some random pieces.
I flipped the blue flannel over and used it like a white shirt.
I just folded the edges of the plaid over to look like lapels.
And then just top stitched the flannel in place.
Right onto the white side of the flannel.
You can get as precise as you you can see,
 I am no perfectionist!
Repeat for the other lapel.
Great!  Now sew on some other pieces of colorful cloth!
If I had some yellow and black pinstriped,
I totally would have used that!
I drew a question mark on the lapel with a black sharpie...
And then zig zag stitched it.
Next I ripped a 1 inch piece of the polka dot fabric and tied a bow.

Then I just stitched it in place!
(and the sun radiated through my window)

Awesome, right?

Now fold it in half and sew it together...
leaving a nice big hole at the bottom edge.
I like to sew the corners and leave the center part open.
Then I zig zagged all the edges...except the center.
Now flip it right side out!
See how all the corners look fabulous!?
Now make a funnel with a piece of paper and fill the bag up with the feed corn.
Feed corn works great for heaties...because it doesn't sweat like rice.
And it doesn't pop like popcorn!
Once it's full...well about 2/3rd's full...fold in the hole and stitch it shut!
You could do this with a needle and thread...
But I stuck with the patchiness and just zig zagged 3 of the edges.
I love it!
All three of my kids knew what it was when I showed them!
Even the 6 year old said "it's Doctor Who!"
It will be perfect to heat up for a minute in the microwave
 and snuggle up with a little heatie!
Hope you've been following along with my 
12 Days to the Christmas Episode of Doctor Who Countdown!
It's early...but I'm helping you figure out
 what you are going to do for your geeky someone this Christmas!

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