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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doctor Who Christmas Stockings

I knew with the Doctor Who Christmas Tree...we needed some
Doctor Who inspired Christmas Stockings!
 There's only 5 of us, but they were irresistible!

I always wanted to do every stocking different shapes
 and sizes...I love how these turned out!

First, I let my 3 kids each design their own.
My 11 year old son wanted a Dalek sock.

I had some left over gold fabric from my daughter's Dalek skirt
I used 2 layers of gold and 2 layers of black for the lining.
I stacked the gold layers in the center and the black on top and bottom making a sandwich.
Pinned them in place and sewed around the edge, leaving the top open.

I used black fleece for the cuff.

And black fleece hot glued on for the spots and attachments.

My 9 year old daughter wanted a Tardis stocking.

I used blue fleece and sewed the stocking shape...then cut
apart a cheap red plush stocking and used the white fur cuff for this.
  I cut and sewed it right on!

Then we used scraps of Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl
to make the tardis-esque look!

Ironed on and peeled off the plastic.

 Next my 5 year old son...he wanted a pointy elf stocking!

We used the Silhouette Cameo machine and cut out 
sonic screwdrivers and an Adipose baby.
He got a white fur cuff from an old stocking too.

 Then I did the 11th doctor, Matt Smith outfit stocking!

I faked a shirt front with white fabric, a single stitch 
and some hot glued on buttons.
I faked the tweed jacket with some spray painted fabric.
Then I used red fleece for the cuff and sewed the stocking
 together with white backing and lining.

And added a Bowties are Cool button!

The last 4 stockings were made with hand stamped fabric!
I had loads of think white material...like old sheets.
I used blue paint mixed with fabric medium

and my Tardis Rubber stamp!

 I made 4 different fabrics...
 And turned them into Stockings!

For the first 2 I used the red plush stockings that I cut the cuffs
off of for my kids stockings...and turned them into cuffs for these ones.
 I like the blue and red combo...it's very British!

 And the last 2...I used blue fleece and a couple accessories!
And this one, is mine...my favorite!
I give it a perfect 10!

I love how they work together!
Stockings for everyone!



Kelly McGraw said...

You make it look so easy!!!
Very cute


Kalamity Kelli said...

Hi Natalie - I have been following your blog for some time on Bloglovin'. My daughter is about as crazy for Dr. Who as you are and she too has a husband and (one) son who participates in her obsession. As I sit here while she and the SIL fix Thanksgiving Lunch, I am blown away by the number of repins your Dr. Who related items have gotten on Pinterest! I pin them to my "Top Girl" (my blog name for her) Will Love This board. I have been told I have magical pinning powers...her friends got hold of your Dr. Who crafts and they have been repinned a bunch! Especially these Christmas stockings and that blue wreath with the red bow-ties on it. You are becoming famous among her and her friends! I don't understand the interest in the show, but if it makes my daughter happy, I'm happy and you have some amazing talents ----not to mention some very patient sons!!! Kalamity Kelli

Cathy said...

How do you cut the tardis image on the silhouette?

Shan said...

I absolutely LOVE these!!! I think I need to scrounge all the fabric I can and try these out...My favorite are the stamped ones. Especially #10 :)

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