David Tennant Peeking Time Lord Bookmark--10th Day of Doctor Who!

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David Tennant Peeking Time Lord Bookmark--10th Day of Doctor Who!

On the 10th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
David Tennant, the 10th Doctor!

(I hope you've been here for the last 10 posts too!  I'm doing a 12 days to
Doctor Who Christmas Episode Countdown...you can DIY this stuff
 and surprise the geeky someone in your life too!)
 The most epic bookmark ever!
Remember on Season 4, episode 1 was Partners in Crime...
Donna and the Doctor were investigating Adipose Industries...
He peeks over the cubical?  He's adorable!
I used the power of photoshop to add the TARDIS
and make it the perfect peeking bookmark!
All you have to do is right click to save off this high quality image.
(personal use only...I'm offering it as a freebie...because I am awesome!
Please thank me by following me on facebook, pinning me on pinterest
or telling your friends about me!)
Now, print it off!
High quality on some photo paper!
Let the ink completely dry...trust me on this!
Cut it out so there is a tiny white border...
because it would be too hard to cut around that "really great hair".
Fit your 3 bookmarks into a heat lamination sheet...
laminate those little guys

I love my laminator!
And cut the lamination!
Seriously, doesn't this make you want to read?
I love it!
I can't help but laugh whenever I see him in my book!
Perfect for the 10th day of Doctor Who!
Check all the previous posts too!  And come back tomorrow for the 11th!

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TheMoonAndMe said…
This is hilarious! I want this bookmark and I don't even watch Dr. Who. I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. I keep saying I need to check it out, but I wouldn't even know where to start it's been around so long.
So fun!
Love your Doctor Who projects! I found your bookmark and have shared it on Twitter and Pinterest. No doubt, I'll be back to share more.
Becky said…
My son is going to love this bookmark! Thank you!
Rachel said…
not to accuse you of being an enabler or anything ....but...um....you are an enabler!
my only problem with your site is figuring our which ones to print and which ones to wait for b/c my printer, laminator and computer are all overheating! :)
America710 said…
Start with classic Doctor who Regeneration number four. Just a suggestion