Matt Smith Hello Sweetie Welcome Mat--11th Day of Doctor Who!

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Hello Sweetie Welcome Mat!
On the 11th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Matt Smith!
(hopefully you've been following along for the last 11 posts!
It's the perfect 12 days countdown for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who...
you could surprise your geeky someone!)
It's a door Mat!  Get it, Matt, Mat?...hahaha!
Okay really...we're going to focus on his wife
Professor River Song!
 And her most famous line "Hello Sweetie!"
(right click to save off graphic...personal use only)

It just had to be a door mat!
I found this Blue mat at the dollar store!  Easy!
 Right click to save off the hello sweetie file
Then use block posters to make it into a 2 wide picture.
Print it off and tape it together.
Next get some freezer paper.

Freezer paper is magic in a box.
You can find it at most grocery stores in the plastic wrap product section
Place it shiny side down on top of the printout.
 Use a pencil to trace it off.
Use an x-acto knife to cut the words out.
 You'll need to keep the negative space...
 including the pieces that fit inside the e's, s, l's, h...
 Next...set the freezer paper on top of the mat.
 And CAREFULLY iron it on.
Okay, I was not careful...and I melted part of the mat.
Learn from me and use a low heat setting.
Iron on the little inside pieces too!
 Then take some white paint...and a stipple brush...
 and paint in the letters!
 It uses a lot of paint!
The carpet just soaks it up!
 Once it's completely painted...
 Peel off the freezer paper.
 And get the little pieces inside the letters...
ooh, look at that horrid burn mark!
 Not too noticeable from the top though!
Perfect for wiping shoes on!
Hello Sweetie!
Come back tomorrow for the last of the 12 days of Doctor Who!
Check out the last 11 posts too!

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Unknown said…
OMG I love this so much. Eleven is my favorite Doctor, and River is my favorite companion, so this is just perfect. Glad that Thanksgiving break is next week. I'll be going home to my art table, and art supplies. Will have to make this then.
Penelope said…
Love this. Love freezer paper crafts! A tip to share ... I have had success putting the freezer paper thru my ink jet printer. Cut the freezer paper down to size for your printer .... feed it thru one sheet at a time .... then you can skip the step of transferring your design!
Unknown said…
I love this! Thank you. I have some fabric spray paint I have been itching to use for something and I think it will work for this.
Unknown said…
What kind of White Paint did you use for this?