Christopher Eccleston Black Leather Book Jacket--9th Day of Doctor Who!

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 Black Leather Book Jacket!
Journal slip cover--easy diy!
On the 9th Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Christopher Eccleston!
For many people Eccleston was their first doctor.  The doctor of the Who revival.
We love everything about him.  We love that rugged leather jacket!
Today's gift just HAS to be black leather!
 Let's make a Black Leather Book Jacket Slip Cover!
You will need:
Black suede leather (could use vinyl)
Diary sized book to cover (something available easily, so it can be replaced)
Sewing machine
Non stick presser foot
Leather Sewing Machine Needles
Snap set for leather
scissors or rotary cutter

Let's get started:
First cut a paper pattern.
Allow 1/2" additional space on the top edge and the bottom edge.
Make the book flaps long enough to fold in and hold the journal snug.
Mine are 2.5" on each side.
Use scissors or rotary blade to cut the leather the same shape as the pattern.
 Now cut a 1.5" wide strip to snap the back to the front.
Check out the piece you cut and make sure it fits.
 Next you will need to rig your sewing machine.
I didn't think my machine was capable of stitching leather until today!
I just ordered this non stick foot and honking needles and tried it!
 After setting them up in my machine...
 I tested it on a scrap of black leather.
 Then I folded over the book jacket flaps and stitched them down.
About 1/4" from the edge.
 And then repeat for the bottom.
 Before sewing the other flap, you should sew the strap on.
 I just measured where I wanted it to go and did a giant x stitch!
Then fold that edge and stitch the flap.
 Now your book will snuggle right inside!
 Next I added a snap!
I just punched a hole in the strap.
 Put the snap head through the top.
This is the part that will show.
 And the receiver on the other side.
Then using the snap setter and the hammer,
pound it down!
 Next line up where it will snap in place on the top of the book.
Punch a hole there.
 Put the backing through...
 And the receiver on the top of it.
 Set it the same as the last one.
 Looks great!
 Perfect for note taking and journal keeping!
 Snaps for perfect closure!
 Love love love it!

Hope you love it too!
Hope you've been following along for the 12 days countdown
 to the Christmas episode of Doctor Who!
Start on the 13th of December and surprise a geeky someone in your life
 with a fabulous Doctor Who related gift each day!

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